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I was born on April 17th 1972 in Maribor, Slovenia, into a working class family, to my father Miroslav, a mechanical engineering technician, and mother Zora, a budget/business technician. In 1991, I successfully concluded Srednja ekonomska šola in Maribor (Secondary School of Business and Economics), while simultaneously working as a door-to-door book sales person for publishing houses like Mladinska knjiga, Prešernova družba, Slovenska knjiga etc. Shortly afterwards, I have passed my traineeship at Tekstilni inštitut Maribor (Institute of Textile Technology) and have been periodically employed ever since, most recently in the private company MIN d.o.o., where I was working as a secretary until the company has gone bankrupt and the employees have lost their jobs.
Since 1998 I have been early retired due to health reasons. I have been writing and performing publically several times, ever since I was eight years old. So far, I have published four books of aphorisms. During recent years I have become an unofficial mentor at JSKD OI Maribor (Public Fund for Cultural Activities) and – on the initiative of the manager of Dnevni center Ozara (Day Centre Ozara) Maribor at that time, Ms. Jovita Lendvai – I began to unofficially edit the internal gazette “Svoj svet nosimo v sebi” (We carry our own world within) at the Day centre Ozara, preparing 12 issues. The gazette is still being issued, and available in the archives at the UKM (University Library in Maribor).
Since the year 2002 I have been organizing and moderating the presentations of the gazettes of Day Centre Ozara and ŠentLent (an association conducting similar activities) on the initiative of Mr. Marjan Pungartnik. In this way I have been able to confront the life and activities in the field of mental health. My contacts are predominantly to people who write, as well. We know that creators already represent a sensitive population, even more the ones whom life has driven to the edge of disease and who therefore have been forced to seek professional help at the psychiatric department of UKC (University Medical Centre). Some of them are unable to work.
Mentoring the group of people who write, I provide them with advice and support when needed. It is extremely important to them to be accredited for their efforts, because 90 % of them wouldn’t be able to succeed on the Slovene market – nor would they want to. The most prolific of them is definitely Ms. Danijela Premzl, who has been appearing publically and publishing in recent years. She is publishing her first book of poems this fall. At the same time, two other authors – Ivana Ogrizek – Iča and Marija Šeligo – have published their booklets of poems. All three issues have been archived at the University Library (UK).
Working together with people who have had a mental health experience means a lot to me and, at the same time, grants me new ideas for the future. I am aware of the fact that the emerging text is a result of imagination and inspiration. Considering the fact that all have equal opportunities, but different conditions for work, I have been experiencing numerous pleasant surprises reading through their texts in the gazettes which are issued twice a year. To enhance the festivity of the event, each author receives a rose from Mr. Pungartnik.

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